About SchoolMedia

SchoolMedia connects brands and communities by
engaging learners in schools and students in universities throughout South Africa.

“We can put your product or brand in more than 9 000 schools, says Khethi Ngwenya, the company’s 19 year old entrepreneur and founder. His vision is to connect brands to communities “one school at a time” by making information and advertising accessible to learners, educators, parents and students.

Since 2010, when the company kicked off it has worked to build communities by connecting them with relevant products and services from the private and public sectors. Companies, such as adidas and Rotary International across the board have engaged with this audience through SchoolMedia.

SchoolMedia reinvests a portion of the company’s turnover into Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and Green projects in the schools where it operates. The goal is to uplift the schools through sustainable initiatives, such as the The Green Project (GGP), Clean City Campaign, a wildlife conservation awareness programme, a permaculture garden and donation boxes.

The company has an inherent understanding of the youth market and what this segment of the market finds relevant, informative, and will engage with. It strives to provide the youth market it serves with pertinent as well as useful information from further their education, understanding and looking after their environment, fighting crime and developing sports as well as product information.

SchoolMedia’s rights to media and advertising placements, means it reaches over six million learners. This makes its’ national footprint the most effective platform to reach the youth market. Through its partnership with the National Association of School Governing Bodies (NASGB) it has the exclusive distribution rights in schools that belong to the Association.

SchoolMedia is a 100% Black Economic Empowered (BEE) company. “We will continue to find innovative ways to engage the youth. SchoolMedia connects brands and communities with each other to the benefit of both parties,” says Ngwenya.


The team


Khethi Ngwenya

Managing Director

I live by a CAN DO ANYTHING attitude. Born in Soweto I currently I reside in the Johannesburg CBD. My passion is to develop communities, by creating opportunities within these communities to expose them to what the world has to offer. I enjoy kick-starting volunteer and commercial projects with a mandate to uplift society.
I have always been very entrepreneurial – since school when I was part of the Soweto Business Executive Chamber (Y.E.S.) – and founding SchoolMedia in 2010 was led by my entrepreneurial spirit and my aspiration to positively contribute to the economic development of the continent. I am proud of what SchoolMedia has achieved, such as having planted 4 500 trees. It is rewarding to work with schools directly and to have been recognised for giving back while providing a successful media platform with schools around the country.
I consider myself a negotiator and self-starter, who is a responsible, creative, assertive person.

Jared Stern

Operations manager

I love working with people and clients from different backgrounds. I have work successfully with clients from the Department of Basic Education to Adidas and Rotary International. I am a team player but also a leader and I coordinated and manage the staff at SchoolMedia as well as set up and manage meetings and the various national media campaigns.
After completing my schooling at Herzlia High School, a top school in the Western Cape, I attended the University of Cape Town and received a degree in Economics, Politics and Philosophy. I spent the next year travelling and working in Europe and the USA. Following this I returned to South Africa and completed my Honours in Economics. I have worked at various agencies within the youth media space, marketing to the youth through promotions, and experiential marketing
I consider myself a self-starter who is dedicated, driven, motivated, and goal-orientated, but creative and innovative. I believe not only in doing different things, but doing the ordinary extra-ordinarily well.



Thami Gogela

Distribution Manager
I have been in the trucking and related business my whole life. I worked extensively for many years in the trucking industry, starting with UNITRANS LOGISTIC as where I moved from a trainee driver to a contract supervisor. I matriculated from Tembisa High School. I have always had a positive philosophy and I continue to follow this philosophy in my work and day to day duties. I like to bring together customers and products and have excellent experience in dealing with customers, in deliveries and the organising of information to ensure a smooth work flow.

Tino Perestrelo

Account Manager
I believe I am very lucky to be the account manager at SchoolMedia where I get to work with really cool activations, brands, and people. I started in 2013 at SchoolMedia in the holidays and before I knew it I was working there full time.
I am a hardworking, kind and motivated person who loves connecting communities with brands and developing the structures in schools to achieve this and to help the learners and their schools.