Going Green

SchoolMedia Going Green Project (GGP) for the Schools and Communities

The project that aims at targeting schools nationally took off in May 2011 in Soweto, beginning with ten schools signed to join the competition and having the going green attitude. The 10 schools signed up will be showing their Green Attitude (GA) by cleaning the schools and community around them. There as (schools) that are the best maintained and clean will win prizes for themselves and the school.

Mission of the GGP

Is to connect and keep communities advanced and healthy

Vision of the GGP

To have schools and the community to adapt a green life style and to have an energy conservingSouth Africa

More on GGP

We live in the most conscious age there has ever been. The science of economics rules the world sowhat would be the cost of improving the environment? The cost is only the effort of starting to beconservative about the environment we live in. It will only cost time and a need to live in a healthyenvironment. The trend is going green and the attitudes behind it are conserving what nature has given.
Schools not only have a large amount of people in them, they have a large amount of peoplethat need to be exposed to a healthy environment. Pupils in schools spend 8-to-10 hours a day atschools, some doing extra murals. These environments could influence the health of the youth eithernegatively or positively. If it gets to a point of negative influence we need to intervene.

Knowledge is power

Yes it’s true! We have the opportunity to get the future of South Africa educated about the importance of Going Green and to get everyone to start practicing Going Green.


Educating the school SGB’s and maintence team on climate change and tree care.

Tree Planting

Ster-Kinekor’s involvement in the Going Green project has motivated learners to start taking care of the environment.
It has also motivated them to participate in planting 3000 trees by the end of 2011!

Goals and Objectives

  • To have green schools and communities
  • To have South Africans start conserving electricity
  • To have the community being aware of the problems that lie in the world on pollution
  • To have South Africans using green products
  • For people to start having green attitude
  • Competition & Events