Exclusive access to schools and universities in South Afica

Studies have shown that when parents work with their children, the school and community, children not only like school, but they do well and stay in school longer – regardless of the income and background of the learner’s family.

Brands can also help to inform and educate communities and SchoolMedia gives unique access to brands to the parents of learners to give the community distribution of their services and products.

In South Africa many parents are illiterate or unable to support their children at school due to work obligations and far distances to travel, for example to a school meeting. Schools need to take this into account. In South African schools parents play a very important role as they govern the school. As the head of and the majority in the School Governing Body (SGB) they have a huge influence on the school and its policies.

It is the responsibility of parents to be involved in the running of their child’s school and the SGB is the correct vehicle to do this.