SchoolMedia provides youth marketing with a difference.

Its mission, in South Africa and on the continent is twofold: to provide brands access to a youth audience in a targeted, informed and professional manner with relevant products, while growing the communities it operates in by giving back to them through the channel of a percentage of its profits into Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and environmental initiatives within these communities. SchoolMedia strives to assist learners, educators, parents and students by providing them with information and projects facilitated by youth marketing for brands that will enrich their lives.

“I believe SchoolMedia will contribute to SA’s youth by getting them the right information and I feel a responsibility to focus on this. There’s no one else doing it. Everybody says we need to get the young people jobs but they don’t know what’s there for them. Businesses need to assist the youth and I believe I can contribute to that”
SchoolMedia founder, Khethi Ngwenya, (Business Day, Monday, 10 JUNE 2013)